Collaborative Law


Collaborative law is a legal process where attorneys and clients agree to resolve their divorce, child custody, co-parenting issues, division of assets, and other disputes through cooperative strategies and without court involvement. Collaborative Law is unique in that it provides professionals specially trained in the collaborative process to assist parties through the divorce process more efficiently and effectively. Specially trained attorneys, mental health professionals called “divorce coaches,” and financial experts are available to provide the critical legal, emotional support, and financial resources needed. Thus, allowing the parties to better manage the short and long term effects of the divorce on them and their children.

ANNOUNCEMENT!  Chip Rose, certified family law specialist, author, mediator, and collaborative attorney will be speaking at the Annual Family Law Seminar on June 2, 2017, from 1:00 to 3:00.  His topic is “The Collaborative Model:  What and Why.”  Chip will return to Utah on September 22 for an all day collaborative law training.  For the uninitiated, or just those who want a refresher course, this will get you ready to take on collaborative cases!  The fee will be $215 for lawyers and $115 for non-lawyers (mental health professionals, other therapists and coaches, financial experts, mediators, etc.).  Location and exact times to follow.  Lunch, coffee, juice, rolls, etc., will be included.  


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